TOPOS Lectures: A euregional building tradition?


Date and time

date: Wednesday September 23, 2015

speaker: Gerhard Wittfeld
language: English

start: 07:45 PM

start lecture: 08:00 PM

end: 10:00 PM

Free entrance. No registration required. 


Mosa Flagship Store Maastricht

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NL-6224AL Maastricht
The Netherlands 

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This series of four lectures aims to explore whether a recognisable cross-border architectural tradition exists in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. For many centuries the region between the Rhine and Meuse rivers was a rather coherent territory in which the development of society, art and architecture was quite consistent. Since the rise of the nation state during the 19th century, this coherence has been disintegrating gradually.


Reinforced by the differences of languages over the last centuries, neighbouring societies have developed rather independently and their cultural expressions have henceforth become more nationally orientated. However, a strong, though often romantic and superfluous cross-border interest has remained until this very day. To what extend does a common architectural language and building tradition still exist? To what extend does cross-border inspiration and fertilization still take place?


Speaker Gerhard Wittfeld

Gerhard Wittfeld (Moers, 1968) is one of the two founding partners of kadawittfeldarchitektur, an architectural practice with offices in Aachen,Graz, Berlin and Munich. He and Klaus Kada founded kadawittfeldarchitektur in 1999. Currently the office employs more than 100 architects, engineers and designers.


Kadawittfeldarchitektur is involved in architecture and design at all scales, ranging from urbanism to interiors and product design. Their idea of sustainable architecture nowadays is "buildings and places that combine functional performance, spatial and aesthetic quality, ecology and economy to make a permanent contribution to cities, serving the interests of both the users and the public”. The office is well known for their ability to work within complex project organizations as well as to deliver big and complex projects on time and within budget. Kadawittfeldarchitekur above all is strongly committed to respond to the wishes and demands of their clients and takes full responsibility within the design, planning and construction process.

Well known national and international projects of kadawittfeldarchitektur are the company headquarters of the Pappas Group in Salzburg (Austria), the head office of the AachenMünchener insurance company in Aachen (Germany), the research and development building for the Adidas Group in Herzogenaurach (Germany), the main rail station in Salzburg (Austria) and recently Grimm World in Kassel (Germany).


This lecture series is initiated by Architectuurcentrum TOPOS in Maastricht and is organized in close collaboration with the RWTH Aachen (Lehrgebiet Bauplanung und Baurealisierung). In the near future this series will be repeated frequently. Future speakers will represent builders, policymakers, designers, artisans and project-developers.  



Main Trainstation Salzburg (AT)
© Helmut Pierer






Portret Gerhard Wittfeld (1968)
© Carl Brunn


Keltenmuseum, Glauburg (DE)
© Werner Huthmacher


Aachener Münchener Headquarters, Aachen (DE)
© Jens Kirchner


Adidas Laces R&D building, Herzogenaurach (DE)
© Werner Huthmacher